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Find out how OnStar can help you before, during and after a hurricane

Disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s a naturally occurring event like a hurricane or tornado or something man-made like an accident, explosion or chemical spill, OnStar Crisis Assist*16a can provide you with critical aid during such emergencies. A specially trained OnStar Advisor can help supply vital information about the crisis, provide routing assistance away from danger and connect you with a loved one. Plus, OnStar*4 works with leading disaster preparedness and relief organizations like FEMA, the American Red Cross and Planet Ready to help communities prepare for the worst — and pick up the pieces afterward.

Protect yourself from a hurricane

The hurricane season normally begins in June and runs through November. If you live in an area that’s at risk for hurricanes, be sure to take these precautions now:

  • Review your insurance policies and make sure they are up-to-date
  • Sign up to receive emergency weather alerts on your phone
  • Keep at least 3 days of supplies on hand at all times
  • Prepare your property by reinforcing doors and windows, decluttering gutters and sealing outside openings
  • Create an evacuation plan with alternate routes
  • Locate nearby emergency shelters and plan how to get there in a worst-case scenario
  • Back up important documents and store them in a safe place
  • Listen to local authorities for evacuation orders and evacuate immediately when told to do so

If your area is at risk for or has been hit by a hurricane, push your blue OnStar button for assistance. You can also visit Ready.gov to learn more about how to protect yourself.

You’ll find more information below about how Crisis Assist can help in an emergency, along with other tips to help you be ready whenever disaster strikes.




5 Things You Should Know About Crisis Assist

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OnStar Crisis Assist Information

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