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OnStar connects you to help on the road
Roadside Assistance
The Safety & Security Plan Roadside Assistance is included in this plan. Learn More

If you have a flat tire, run out of gas or find yourself stranded, OnStar Roadside Assistance*17 is there for you. You can request assistance right from your vehicle mobile app or your vehicle’s infotainment system, or push your blue OnStar button to speak with an Advisor. Wherever you travel, we’re ready to help — and we’re always close at hand.

5 Things to Do When You Need Roadside Assistance

It’s always a hassle when your vehicle breaks down, but we rarely think about it until it happens. These tips from OnStar will help minimize your stress, so if it happens, you’re prepared.

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OnStar Safety & Security Plan

Experience the safety and security of driving with OnStar

Safety & Security

For drivers who understand the power of the unpredictable