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Automatic Crash Response

Using built-in vehicle sensors, Automatic Crash Response*16 can connect a specially trained OnStar Advisor who is immediately connected into your vehicle to offer help if you’ve been involved in a crash. You’ll get help right away — even if you can’t ask for it. Advisors can notify first responders about your location and the likelihood of serious injuries using Injury Severity Prediction. OnStar Advisors are also trained and Emergency Medical Dispatcher-certified to provide medical assistance until help arrives, ensuring you won’t face the emergency alone.



Rescued from a Ravine

When OnStar Member Beth Johnson’s car hit an ice patch on a rural road and slid into a ravine, OnStar was there to rescue her.


Dr. Stewart Wang, a trauma surgeon, lives by the mantra that getting the right person to the right place at the right time makes all the difference.
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