OnStar services 

So this is how it feels to be safe and comfy.

OnStar services 

So this is how it feels to be safe and comfy.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you. 

Welcome to OnStar. Where you can get Roadside Assistance* or navigation when you need it, Emergency Services* 24/7, and a vehicle mobile app* that connects you to your car from anywhere. You’ll even discover hands-free driving with Super CruiseTM* and a helpful assistant with Alexa Built-in*.

Crisis Mode

When disaster strikes, OnStar Crisis Mode* activates and provides complimentary safety services like Crisis Assist and OnStar Emergency Services for you and your loved ones.  

OnStar in-vehicle data

Your new favorite travel companion: get the OnStar Unlimited Data Plan* for just $25/month.* 

In-vehicle HD streaming

With HD streaming* in your car, you have access to a constantly growing selection of shows and movies on Hulu,* YouTube* and YouTube Kids.* 

Vehicle mobile app

Take your vehicle ownership to the next level with the app that connects you to your car with remote commands, the ability to check fuel level or charge status, location and more.* 

Alexa Built-In

With Alexa Built-In,* you can control your smart home devices;* confirm Amazon package delivery status; and stream news, music, your favorite audiobooks and so much more. 

Google built-in

Communicate hands-free. Get live traffic updates. Download some of your favorite apps and more. All thanks to Google built-in compatibility.* 

Super Cruise

Look — no hands! Super CruiseTM* hands-free driving is here, covering over 400,000 miles* of compatible roads in the U.S. and Canada. 

In-vehicle apps

The App Access Plan* give you access to maps, apps and voice commands. Your favorite content is only a tap, swipe or click away. 

Vehicle software updates

Your car can keep up with the ever-changing world. Get free enhancements, buy innovative new upgrades and get software refinements right from your driveway. 

Automatic Crash Response

In the moment of a crash, a fast response is everything. With Automatic Crash Response,* an OnStar Advisor can send for help, even if you can’t ask for it. 

Crisis Assist

With Crisis Assist,* when severe weather, a natural disaster or other crisis strikes, our Advisors are right there with you, providing information, special routing and more. 

Emergency Services

Medical emergencies. Crash emergencies. Weather emergencies. We’re here for you.* For all of it. 

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

You’re never lost. You’ve got OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation.* Request the directions you need just by pushing your blue OnStar button — even if you don’t have an actual address. 

Roadside Assistance

Gas? A tow? A tire change? We’ve got you. We’ll send the help you need so you can get back on the road.* 

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Not so fast, car thieves. OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance* is on the case.