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How One College Student’s Quick Thinking Helped Prevent a Tragedy

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Learn how one college student’s quick action saved the lives of others with the help of OnStar.

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Learn how one college student’s quick action saved the lives of others with the help of OnStar.

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Becoming a Good Samaritan can be as easy as pushing a button

You never know when an emergency may strike. But when it does, OnStar can help — even if you push the button for someone you’ve never met.

Josh Suppa, a 22-year-old college senior, was driving home from class when he saw a car flip upside down in the middle of the road.

“It looked like something out of my worst nightmare, a terrible dream,” Josh says. “Something you wouldn’t want to see someone in. My heart dropped. I didn’t know if they were alive or dead … or if they were struggling.”

He reached up and pushed the red Emergency button, connecting him to an Emergency Medical Dispatch–certified OnStar Advisor*64 who notified rescue personnel of the exact location of the accident.

“When you come across something so traumatizing, you don’t know what to think or do,” Josh says. “But it felt natural to reach up and hit the red Emergency button. I didn’t even know where my cell was. I didn’t even think of calling 911.”

A few minutes later, the police and fire department were on the scene with an ambulance in tow, ready to help those in the vehicle. Josh’s quick action helped save lives — with the help of OnStar, first responders were able to get there just in time.

“The state police told me if it was called in any later, there would have absolutely been fatalities,” Josh says.

People like Josh don’t hesitate to push the button for people in need, and OnStar is proud to share in that commitment to help others. Any OnStar Member can become a Good Samaritan, and it’s simple to do. If you see someone in need, encounter a driving hazard or want to report a potential emergency situation — even if it’s not on the road — just push your red Emergency button.*16 You’ll be connected to a specially trained OnStar Advisor who can provide assistance.

With that fateful day now in the rearview mirror, Josh has driven past the scene of the crash many times. But instead of feeling like “something out of his worst nightmare,” there’s a feeling of reassurance that with OnStar, someone is just a button-push away and ready to help.

“It still gives me a great feeling that I had OnStar with me,” Josh says. “OnStar was there to help me through. OnStar was there.”

Find out how OnStar can help you respond to an emergency.