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What if your guilty pleasures could make you feel a little less guilty? Like getting your daily triple, soy, no-foam latte for a little less? Or going out to lunch when you have a perfectly packed tuna sandwich in the fridge? These little splurges make us happy. And Marketplace*24 can help you enjoy them a little more. You need to eat — why not get a deal at a nearby restaurant? Plus, a discount on the gas you’ll need to get there. And while you’re at it, download an audiobook for that weekend trip you’ve got planned. Marketplace helps with bigger to-dos, too. Need a hotel? Push your blue OnStar button and ask an Advisor — they’ll work with priceline.com and booking.com*24 to reserve a great room and price for you. Ready to add some rewards to your routine? Find offers directly on your vehicle’s touch screen (if available), via your vehicle’s mobile app or through an Advisor.

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5 Ways to Save on Your Road Trip

Careful planning, preparation and organization can keep you on budget when you take to the road. Here are 5 ways to save with a little help from OnStar.