Vehicle Manager

Be prepared for what’s ahead.

OnStar’s Vehicle Manager services help you to manage and maintain your vehicle, learn how to drive smarter, and ensure you always know your vehicle’s location.

How to Access Vehicle Manager Services

Press Your Vehicle's Blue Button

  • Request an on-demand Diagnostics check

Diagnostics Report5

Every month, your vehicle can run a thorough check of its engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more, and email you the results. If you want to run a diagnostic check when you’re behind the wheel, just ask an Advisor to run one for you.

Dealer Maintenance Notification

Is it time for an oil change? A 60,000-mile checkup? You’ll always know because your car will email your diagnostics report to the dealer when it’s time, and the dealer will contact you to set up a service appointment.

Proactive Alerts

Take the guesswork out of day-to-day vehicle maintenance with Proactive Alerts. Proactive Alerts can predict potential issues with key vehicle components and send you alerts (via email and/or text).

Diagnostic Alerts

Your car is self-diagnosing, giving you peace of mind on the road. With Diagnostic Alerts, you can set your preferences to receive a monthly diagnostic report or be notified of your vehicle’s condition in real-time, by email or text.

Proactive & Diagnostic Alerts are available for most vehicles 2014 and newer. Check your vehicle capability here.

Proactive Alerts

Proactive Alerts are available for the following vehicles:

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Capabilities vary by model. Visit for details and system limitations. Message and data rates may apply. Requires an active OnStar service, email address on file and enrollment in Advanced Diagnostics. Proactive Alerts are designed to help predict specific types of issues based on information collected from the vehicle. Other factors may affect vehicle performance. Not all issues will deliver alerts. In certain scenarios, a dealer service check may be required to confirm the accuracy of the Proactive Alerts.

Proactive Alerts are not available for the above selected

Diagnostic Alerts

Diagnostic Alerts are available for the following vehicles:

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OnStar Smart Driver

Now your vehicle can help make you a smarter driver. OnStar Smart Driver* provides information about your driving behavior to help maximize your vehicle’s overall performance, reduce wear and tear, enhance fuel efficiency, and help you become a better driver. You’ll receive results on events such as hard braking, acceleration and high-speed driving along with tips to enhance driving skills, efficiency and responsibility on the road. Separately, you can decide if you would like to anonymously check for insurance discounts with participating insurance companies, giving you a private, risk-free option to find rewards for driving smart.

OnStar Smart Driver is available for most vehicles 2015 and newer. Check your vehicle capability here.

OnStar Smart Driver is available for most vehicles 2015 and newer. Check your vehicle capability here.

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*OnStar, General Motors and their affiliates are not insurance providers and are not recommending or referring any specific provider or providing any insurance advice. You should obtain insurance only from licensed insurance providers.

Remote Access4

With Remote Access, you can start your engine, lock and unlock your doors, honk the horn and flash the lights from anywhere.  

Location Manager

Location Manager allows you to know where your vehicle is at all times. Can’t remember where you parked? Just open up the app to find your car’s location. If family members travel on their own, you can use OnStar Family Link®* to see your car’s location on a map at any time.

Family Link®10

Now you can have peace of mind when family members travel without you. You can log in to your account at to view your car’s location on a map, or receive email or text alerts with your car’s location at specific times.
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Vehicle Locate

Using the RemoteLink mobile app, you can easily see the vehicle’s location on a map.