OnStar help: TTY

OnStar help: TTY

Does OnStar® offer TTY services?

Yes, OnStar* offers TTY services for eligible Members with an active service plan. We offer two ways of getting OnStar TTY service, depending on the infotainment system* in your vehicle. 


TTY is embedded in certain GM infotainment systems, and can be turned on in the system’s SETTINGS app. For other infotainment systems, we provide a dedicated device to deliver OnStar TTY services. 


With both systems, we offer 24/7 connectivity to a dedicated TTY Advisor, so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that, when you need help, we can pinpoint your location and quickly contact emergency service providers on your behalf. 

If TTY is embedded in my infotainment system, how do I turn it on?

Turn your vehicle ON and keep it in PARK. On the infotainment system HOME screen, tap the SETTINGS icon. Next, select “Apps.” Scroll down and select “Phone,” then scroll down again and select “TTY.” Finally, select “Enable OnStar TTY mode” to begin using the services. 

If TTY isn’t embedded in my infotainment system, how can I get TTY equipment for my vehicle?

OnStar will provide TTY equipment to eligible Members who provide a doctor’s note. You can request TTY equipment through your GM Dealer or by calling 1.877.248.2080. The device, along with the manufacturer’s instructions for connection via Bluetooth®* and use, will be shipped to your home by OnStar. 

What OnStar services are available through TTY in my vehicle?

The OnStar TTY services available to you are based on your service plan. Depending on your service plan, you can use TTY for OnStar Advisor calls, Turn-by-Turn Navigation* and when utilizing emergency services. 

Can I transfer my TTY equipment?

No. The TTY device is designed to remain in the vehicle to which it was assigned and will not work in other vehicles. Please keep your TTY device plugged in so it will be fully charged and ready when you need it. See your manufacturer’s reference manual for instructions and details. Damaged or misplaced equipment may prohibit communication with OnStar. 

How does TTY work in emergencies?

Members with a paid service plan simply push the red EMERGENCY button to connect to a dedicated OnStar TTY Advisor. This Advisor can locate your vehicle, find out what type of assistance you need and call nearby emergency service providers who can dispatch appropriate emergency responders. If you can’t answer, an OnStar Advisor will contact a nearby emergency services provider who will dispatch help to your determined location. 


If you have integrated TTY, the information will display on your infotainment screen. If you have a TTY device, it will display on the device. 


If you accidentally push the red EMERGENCY button, you can cancel it at any time. If the OnStar Emergency Advisor cannot contact you with a call back attempt or determine there is an emergency, they will assume that there is no emergency and not dispatch emergency services. 


You can also contact us with our dedicated TTY toll-free line, 1.877.248.2080. While email may be your primary mode of communication, it is absolutely necessary that you contact OnStar via telephone in emergency situations. 

How can I redial a TTY call?

Push the phone button on the dial pad to redial the last number dialed or received. 

How do I end my TTY call?

If you are communicating with an OnStar TTY Advisor, the Advisor will disconnect the call after your conversation ends. You can also tap END CALL. 

Can I call another TTY user?

To call to another TTY user from your vehicle, you can dial direct using the phone portion of the OnStar app on your infotainment screen or, if you have one, your TTY device. If you would like to make a personal call from your vehicle to a non-TTY user, you must use the relay service. You will not need the relay service to communicate with OnStar TTY Advisors, because they have TTY capability. 

How can I resolve issues with my OnStar TTY?

If TTY is embedded in your infotainment system, you should contact your GM Dealer. 


If you have a TTY device, it is manufactured by an independent manufacturer and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, not the GM new vehicle limited warranty. Follow instructions included in the TTY device manufacturer’s instructions for reporting difficulties. 

How can I tell if my TTY is working?

If you are having problems with your TTY, make sure the status light next to your three-button OnStar system (located either in your rearview mirror or in your overhead console) is green. 


If the status light is not green, try turning your vehicle’s ignition OFF and then ON. If the status light next to the three-button system does not illuminate, this may indicate a problem with your OnStar system. 


If you have a TTY device and its LED is not illuminated, check that the device is properly plugged in. Re-plug it into the TTY jack, and ensure the OTIM is set to TTY mode by pushing the MODE button until the mode LED illuminates. If the lights are still not illuminated, please call OnStar via the TTY toll-free number, 1.877.248.2080, or visit your GM Dealer. 


Make sure the TTY device is fully charged. If it is fully charged, cellular connectivity issues may be affecting your call. In that case, please disconnect your call and try again in a few minutes. Network coverage may also affect TTY performance. 

How can I contact OnStar TTY?

You may call the OnStar toll-free TTY number at 1.877.248.2080, or email

Can I get OnStar TTY services in Canada?

At this time, TTY is not available in Canada and/or other regions. 

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