Help: Vehicle mobile app 

Help: Vehicle mobile app 

How do I set up my vehicle mobile app?

Follow these important steps to properly activate your vehicle mobile app. iPhone requires iOS 13.0 or later. Android smartphones require OS 4.0.3 or later. 

1. Make sure your vehicle and mobile device are compatible with the app.

2. Download the app from the App Store® or Google Play.® Have your username and password handy.

3. Launch the app and enter your GM account username and password. Sign up here

4. Agree to the OnStar Terms and Conditions to continue into your vehicle’s app. You’ll only need to do this on your initial login. 

5. Keep your OnStar PIN handy. You’ll need it to access features within your app. Forgot your PIN? Manage your PIN or push your blue OnStar button to speak to an Advisor. 

Which vehicles can I use my vehicle mobile app with?

Your vehicle mobile app is compatible with select 2011 and newer model year Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. At this time, there are no plans to extend the app to additional 2010 or earlier model year vehicles. 

Do I need a subscription to access these features?

Some services require a paid service plan. For more information about what services are included in which plan, please check the Pricing page

Can I access my account from the app?

Yes, you can view your account information, check your plan details, and speak with an Advisor directly from the app. 

Can I use Turn-by-Turn Navigation with my vehicle mobile app?

Yes. You must have an active service plan, your vehicle mobile app and an eligible vehicle to use the location search and send functionality. 

Can I send a destination to my vehicle from the app?

Yes. Select a location from your contact list, or search for a point of interest. You can then send the directions to your selected location directly to your vehicle's OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation system. 

What other features do I have in my vehicle mobile app?

You can remotely start and locate your vehicle, view vehicle health and status, lock/unlock your doors, and sound the horn. Learn more here

I drive an electric vehicle. Do I have any special features in the app?

Yes. In addition to the standard capabilities of your vehicle mobile app, drivers will be able to easily manage the capabilities of their electric vehicle including electric vehicle route planning and locating charging stations. This also includes: 


• Remote commands: Your vehicle mobile app will allow you to control a number of key vehicle functions and OnStar features from your mobile device. Drivers will be able to manage vehicle charging, read the state of battery charge, and review vehicle history data such as odometer readings, miles per gallon and miles driven in EV mode. In addition, you can perform traditional OnStar and key fob functionality such as door lock/unlock, horn and lights.

• Charge command status: You will receive a message on the application when a command has been successfully sent to the vehicle. If in view of the vehicle, the dash LED will be solid when charging, flash when the charge is on delay, and blink quickly if the battery is full and the vehicle is still plugged in. 

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