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Drive smart and save

Who’s the fairest driver of them all? It could be you 

But before claiming the title for yourself, find out how you really stack up with OnStar Smart Driver.*23a

Just like your past report cards in school, OnStar Smart Driver sends you a monthly report that gives your driving skills an overall grade. These reports aren’t only meant to be fridge-worthy — they can help you maximize your vehicle’s performance, improve fuel efficiency and drive more safely. Here’s a preview of what you get from OnStar Smart Driver:

The report: Every month, an easy-to-read report summarizes your overall driving behavior such as hard braking and acceleration instances and high-speed driving.

The score: The better you drive, the higher your score. You can compete with yourself to improve your score from month to month, and see how you compare to other OnStar Members. You’ll also receive helpful tips for improving your score and becoming a smarter and safer driver overall.

The reward: Taking advantage of Smart Driver insights to boost your score can help you maximize your vehicle’s performance, save on gas, reduce wear and tear on the vehicle, and of course, drive more safely.

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