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Help: OnStar Guardian app
OnStar Guardian app
  • The OnStar Guardian® app gives you and your family key OnStar® safety services that go where you go — in any vehicle, on a motorcycle, out for a walk or even in your home — all right on your phone.

  • The Guardian app provides key OnStar safety services right on your smartphone, including:

    • Mobile Crash Response for any vehicle or motorcycle
    • Roadside Assistance for any vehicle or motorcycle
    • Emergency Services, including 24/7 access to OnStar Emergency Advisors*64
    • The OnStar Guardian skill for Amazon Alexa — get help at home using your compatible Amazon Alexa–enabled smart speaker

    The app also lets you invite up to seven loved ones to the "My Family" group. Everyone gets the safety services within the app as well as Location Status, which includes:

    • Viewing one another on a live map
    • Real-time location updates
    • Ability to share location
    • Cellphone battery life status
  • By using the sensors in your smartphone, including the accelerometer, the app can detect when you are in a moving vehicle or on a motorcycle. When a crash is detected on an Android™ device, the app can automatically connect you with an OnStar Emergency Advisor who can contact First Responders. When a crash is detected on an Apple® device, the app alerts an OnStar Emergency Advisor who will then call your smartphone, requiring someone in the vehicle to answer the call.

    Enabling location permissions within the app allows an OnStar Advisor to identify your smartphone’s location and contact First Responders for help, even if you can't ask for it.

  • Currently, the app services are available in the U.S. and Canada only, on select Apple and Android devices. OnStar Guardian app service coverage is limited and may vary with conditions and location. Additionally, service availability, app features and functionality can vary by device and software version.

  • We maintain reasonable and adequate technical, administrative, and physical security and confidentiality measures designed to help protect your information from unauthorized access or acquisition. In an active emergency situation, Emergency Advisors may share your information, pursuant to the OnStar Guardian App Privacy Statement. Your information will only be shared with emergency service providers — such as law enforcement, roadside assistance providers and ambulance providers — in order to deliver related services. Consult the OnStar Guardian App Privacy Statement for more information.

  • You may cancel your OnStar Guardian services at any time. You can cancel in app or by calling 1.888.466.7827. Members with a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle can also push their blue OnStar button to speak to an Advisor. Deleting the app from your smartphone alone will not cancel your service.

  • All Safety & Security Members now get the Guardian app included in their plan. The OnStar Guardian app is in addition to and an extension of those key OnStar safety services that can be shared with up to seven of your loved ones. You can also enjoy OnStar Guardian as a stand-alone service if you don’t currently have OnStar safety services in your vehicle.

  • The app provides a smartphone-based Mobile Crash Response service when a crash is detected. In order for an OnStar Emergency Advisor to properly assist, you will need to allow certain app and device permissions, including allowing access to the following features:

    • Location: These permissions must always be enabled because your smartphone’s location is used to determine when you begin driving and when a crash is detected. Location permissions allow an OnStar Advisor to identify your smartphone’s location and contact First Responders for help, even if you can't ask for it.
    • Microphone: Once a crash is detected and the app successfully calls an OnStar Advisor, the Microphone permissions allow you to speak to the Advisor, who can contact First Responders to get the help you need. The app is not using the microphone for any other purpose and is not “listening” at all times.
    • Motion and Fitness/Physical Activity: These permissions allow the Guardian app to utilize your smartphone's sensors to help detect a crash.
    • Notifications: These permissions allow you to receive important app alerts and updates (Apple only).
    • Call Management: These permissions allow you to answer an incoming call without the connected OnStar Guardian app call ending (Android only).
    • Background App Refresh: This will ensure that the app will run in the background to detect a drive and crash event.
  • Apple devices: There are no known limitations at this time.

    Android devices: The Guardian app may not operate properly if the following modes are detected and enabled:

    • Power save
    • Background restrictions
    • Google Play settings error
    • Location settings error 
    • Wi-Fi scanning disabled
    • Battery optimization


    This list is not exhaustive and other app or smartphone permissions or settings may impact app performance. Additionally, some Android-based smartphones may not be supported, including Google Pixel devices.

    See the OnStar Guardian app User Terms for limitations. Device permissions are required for the app to operate properly.

  • If you uninstalled or deleted the app, you can simply download the app again on the App Store or on Google Play and sign back in to the app. If you need assistance, tap the “Need Help Signing In?” link. If you are a Member with a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac, you can also use your vehicle mobile app or my GM Account login.

  • The OnStar Guardian app uses sensors in your smartphone to determine if the smartphone is in a moving vehicle before it begins scanning to detect a crash event. The OnStar Guardian app then alerts an OnStar Emergency Advisor, who will call your phone and contact First Responders. Automatic Crash Response is a service that is embedded into your vehicle, utilizing built-in sensors to detect a crash and alert an Emergency Advisor. The in-vehicle Automatic Crash Response is available in any properly equipped GM vehicle, while the OnStar Guardian app extends this service to any vehicle you drive, ride in or share.

    Mobile Crash Response services are intended for use in vehicles and on motorcycles only and can connect to an Advisor automatically on Android devices only. Service availability, features and functionality may vary by device and software.

  • Once you’re logged into the Guardian app, it will remain active and functional until you log out, even if you close the app or when it’s running in the background.

    If you don’t see notifications during your drive, you must enable notifications for the Guardian app in the system preferences on your device once the vehicle is parked.

    If this action doesn’t resolve your concerns, please contact OnStar Technical Support at 1.888.607.9774. Please note that several device and app permissions are necessary for the Guardian app to properly function.

  • The Guardian app is designed to use your smartphone’s sensors to detect a crash and alert an OnStar Emergency Advisor. The Advisor will call your phone and contact First Responders and provide them with your location. For Android users, the app can automatically connect to an Advisor even if you can't reach your phone.

  • When a crash is detected, you will receive an automatic OnStar Guardian app notification on your smartphone. For Android devices, the notification will read: Connecting to an OnStar Emergency Advisor. A crash has been detected. For Apple devices, the notification will read: Crash detected. OnStar Emergency has been alerted. Additionally, on Android devices, you will hear an audible prompt notifying you that you are being automatically connected to an OnStar Emergency Advisor. On Apple devices, you will receive a call from the OnStar Advisor that you must answer.

  • Roadside Assistance provides you and any “My Family” member with help in any vehicle in which you're traveling — including on motorcycles. Services include assistance when you need a jump-start, have a flat tire, are locked out or run out of gas. Towing is also available at an additional cost. Pricing for towing will vary by your location and distance of the tow.

  • You can request roadside assistance right in the OnStar Guardian app, simply by tapping the roadside icon and following the convenient on-screen prompts. Once service is requested, OnStar Guardian can even let you know how close a roadside technician is to your location.

  • OnStar Emergency Advisors can provide critical medical instructions in the event of an emergency. Our Advisors are trained by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® to handle situations such as shortness of breath, cuts, concussions, childbirth and other emergencies before help arrives.

  • Using the red Emergency button within the Guardian app, you can connect to an OnStar Emergency Advisor for assistance for yourself or on someone else’s behalf.

    Should you encounter an emergency requiring law enforcement, EMS, fire or other emergency services, always call 911 first.

  • You can always push the blue OnStar button if you need help. An OnStar Advisor can assess your request and get you the right help. You can also push the blue OnStar button if you have questions about your account or the app. For an emergency situation, such as medical, push the red Emergency button.

  • Within the OnStar Guardian app, you can view and share device location information with members of “My Family.” Each member of “My Family” is visible by all other members of “My Family” on a map, and their location updates are visible.

    Additionally, in an emergency, this feature allows an OnStar Emergency Advisor to identify your smartphone’s location and contact First Responders, even if you can’t ask for it.

  • The only time an OnStar Advisor accesses your smartphone location and information from you or members of "My Family" is during an active OnStar Guardian app call. Your smartphone’s location information is shared with members of “My Family” via the Guardian app. Your smartphone’s location information is only shared with third parties (e.g., 911 dispatch centers, First Responders) when they are contacted to respond on scene.

    OnStar takes protecting information very seriously. We maintain reasonable and adequate technical, administrative, and physical security and confidentiality measures designed to help protect your information from unauthorized access or acquisition. Consult the OnStar Guardian App Privacy Statement for more information.

  • If you don’t want other members of “My Family” to see your smartphone’s location, you can turn off “Location Sharing” in the Guardian app’s settings. By doing this, OnStar Advisors can still identify your smartphone’s location and contact First Responders, but members of “My Family” would not see it.

    However, you should ensure Location Services on your smartphone’s device settings are set to “Always Allow” for the Guardian app. If these are not enabled, the Guardian app will not function properly.

  • You can use the OnStar Guardian app to invite up to seven people to join and be a part of your “My Family” group in the app. Each member of “My Family” receives all the app benefits at no cost to them, including Mobile Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, Location Status, Emergency Services and the OnStar Guardian skill for Amazon Alexa.

  • To invite someone to “My Family,” navigate to the “My Family” section of the app menu and select the option to add a new member. A unique code is generated for your group that can be shared using your operating system’s sharing feature, such as sending through an SMS or via email. The same code can be shared with up to all seven people in the group, but it is only valid for 48 hours. A new code is generated if you select the sharing option at a later time.

  • Once they've downloaded and installed the app, they'll hit the "GET STARTED" button. They'll be prompted to enter their email address. Then they will enter their name and password, select their country and accept the user terms and privacy statement. After they enter their unique invitation code, they'll verify their email and the family they are joining. Finally, they'll need to go through a mobile phone verification and grant permissions for the app to use certain phone functions.

  • Yes. Each member of “My Family” must download the app to their individual smartphone in order to enjoy the Guardian app’s benefits and services.

    Each person invited to “My Family” must create their own unique username and password for the app on their compatible smartphone. Members of “My Family” should not share credentials.

  • The OnStar Member will have the designation of “Family Manager,” which provides the administrative ability to add or delete people from “My Family.” This designation can be extended by the OnStar Member to any or all other members of “My Family.” However, only the OnStar Member will have rights to purchase, amend or cancel an OnStar plan.

The OnStar Guardian skill for Amazon Alexa
  • The OnStar Guardian skill for Amazon Alexa provides a 24/7 voice-enabled connection to OnStar Emergency Advisors through supported Alexa-enabled devices in the United States.

    When the OnStar Guardian skill for Amazon Alexa is enabled on supported devices, such as Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show, household members can reach OnStar Emergency Advisors by saying prompts like “Alexa, call for help” during emergencies or stressful situations.

  • The OnStar Guardian skill for Amazon Alexa allows anyone in the household to use voice commands to connect with OnStar Emergency Advisors who are available 24/7. These Advisors are certified and accredited by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® and can assess a situation, contact 911 as needed, provide critical medical instruction, and stay on the line until help arrives. As one example, a child may be able to ask for help if their parent or grandparent has fallen or is injured and unable to reach the phone for assistance.

  • As with all connectivity services, Members must first give consent to activate the service and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy statement. Once that occurs, Members will also need to complete a safety profile* and link their OnStar and Amazon Alexa accounts to deliver Emergency Services (if needed). This data is part of how these systems are designed to deliver an outstanding experience.

    *Note: The user information in the safety profile is not shared with Amazon.

  • 1.     Download the latest version of the OnStar Guardian app on your smartphone from the App Store® or on Google Play™ if you haven’t enabled automatic app updates on your device.

    2.     Next, link your Amazon account. Open the Guardian app and tap Menu (the three lines in the upper-left corner of your app screen) then select “Settings.”

    3.     Under “Connections,” tap “Amazon Alexa” > “Get Started.”

    4.     You’ll be asked to provide the address where your Alexa device is located for emergency purposes. You can select the Primary Address that’s already in your Guardian account or tap “+Add Address” to enter a different one.

    5.     After your address is selected, tap “Link Accounts” to begin the linking process.

    a.     If you have the Alexa app downloaded on your phone, it will open. Tap “Link” to confirm.

    b.     If you don’t have the app downloaded on your phone, you’ll be taken to amazon.com to continue the process. After signing in, tap “Allow.” You'll then be redirected back to the Guardian app.

    6.     You’ll see a confirmation in the Guardian app when the accounts have been linked successfully.

    7.     If desired, the app will ask you to make a test call to an OnStar Advisor to make sure you’re ready for a real emergency.

    8.     Tap “Done” to complete the process.

  • Yes. After you’ve linked your accounts, you can change the address in the Guardian app. Tap “Menu” > “Settings” > “Amazon Alexa.” Tap on the current address. Then type the new address into the search bar. Once you’ve selected the new address, tap “Looks Good”  to complete the change. Keeping your address current in your account is vital. It enables OnStar Emergency Advisors to send First Responders to your correct location. Please ensure that your device address is updated when using your smart speaker in a new location — such as while traveling or moving to a new residence.

  • In the Guardian app, tap “Menu” > “Settings” > “Amazon Alexa.” Tap “Unlink from Amazon” then “Unlink Amazon” to confirm. You will see a confirmation that the accounts were successfully unlinked, then tap “Done.” You can also unlink your accounts by opening the Alexa app on your device and disabling the skill.