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2G Network Shutdown FAQs

What is OnStar Link?

OnStar Link™*115 is a discreet plug-in device*116 designed to fit into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II). The device helps your safety and connected services operate smoothly on current wireless networks.

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Why do I need OnStar Link?

As cellular carriers transition to 4G or 5G connectivity, vehicles using a 2G connection will lose OnStar service. In the U.S., most major network providers will complete the transition in December 2022. After the transition, 2G network connectivity will no longer be provided.

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Which GM vehicles are impacted by the deactivated 2G network?

In the U.S. and Canada, certain 2015 model year and older GM vehicles will be affected when 2G networks are upgraded. This also may include former GM brands, such as Pontiac, Saturn and HUMMER.

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How does OnStar Link help keep me connected?

OnStar Link will enable most of the vehicle’s safety and connected services. Simply plug the device into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and pair the device to the OnStar Guardian™ app.*82 The embedded OnStar hardware and the three-button module in your vehicle will be deactivated, but you’ll have access to key OnStar® safety services and a live Advisor through the Guardian app.

OnStar Link also pairs with your vehicle mobile app. Once you pair either your myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac app, you can continue accessing your Remote Key Fob — all from your smartphone.

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Which services can OnStar Link support?

OnStar Link will enable most of the safety and connected services you love — and even some new services.

OnStar Safety & Security

Connected Services

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown,®*18 Hands-Free Calling, Turn-by-Turn Navigation*20 and Send-to-Navigation are not supported by OnStar Link.

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When will OnStar Link be available?

OnStar Link will be available to existing Members starting March 2022.

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How can I get OnStar Link?

Starting in March 2022, when you log in to your GM account, we will automatically determine if your vehicle is eligible and prompt you to order the device. The device will be shipped to your chosen address along with setup instructions.

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Will I have to pay for OnStar Link?

Members who have an active paid service plan will not have to pay for OnStar Link. However, if you do not activate your device within 30 days of receiving it, you will be charged a fee of $99 (includes sales tax) to cover the cost of the device.

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Does my plan change?

Your current OnStar Safety & Security Plan*4 or Essentials Plan*109 will continue to offer most of the same services you have today. You can choose to upgrade your plan to take advantage of new services like Remote Key Fob and in-vehicle data.

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How do I set up OnStar Link?

Getting started with OnStar Link is quick and easy. The device will come with a Quick Start Guide to walk you through the start-up process in six simple steps.

  1. Download the OnStar Guardian app. You’ll need it to activate your device.
  2. Sign in using your OnStar credentials or vehicle mobile app login and password.
  3. You’ll receive a message in the Guardian app to add OnStar Link. Click it to begin the setup process.
  4. Enable Bluetooth®*63 — the bridge between OnStar Guardian and OnStar Link.
  5. Plug OnStar Link into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. Check your vehicle Owner’s Manual if you can’t find it.
  6. Start your engine in a safe location with the vehicle in “Park.” OnStar Link should begin initial activation within five minutes.

Download the OnStar Link Quick Start Guide

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Will I still be able to use the OnStar buttons in my vehicle?

No. Once you install OnStar Link, the three-button interface in your vehicle will be deactivated. Instead, use the OnStar Guardian app buttons (Roadside Assistance button, blue OnStar button and red Emergency button) to call an Advisor or utilize the services.

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Do I need a smartphone with me in order for OnStar Link to work properly?

OnStar Link works in tandem with the OnStar Guardian app. Once you plug it in and connect to the Guardian app, you’ll have help in a crash, an emergency or a vehicle theft. Plus, when you add Connected Services, you’ll have access to your vehicle mobile app, which allows you to unlock and lock your vehicle right from your smartphone.

To use all of these services, your smartphone is needed. It also ensures you have access to an Advisor through the OnStar Guardian app.

If you do not have your smartphone with you and you are in a crash, OnStar Link can still alert an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor*64 who can request help be sent to your location.

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